IPTV Subscription; Choose the Best IPTV Service Providers 2019

Online video streaming is rapidly growing and streaming services like Amazon prime video, Netflix, hulu and other top streaming companies have enjoyed a speedy rise over the last couple of years. More number of media distributors has been compelled to pay attention by the streaming industry.

A recent report reveals the growing number of subscriptions. The percentage has grown from 27% year after year, soaring around 614 million subscriptions in 2018. In the same year, cable subscriptions have dropped by 2% to 556 million making streaming services rank higher with more number of subscriptions. Despite the fact that cable continues to have more number of subscription revenue. The reports highlight the TV and movie industry grew by 9% annually for combined revenue of around $100 billion.


The expansions of satellite service, digital cable and birth of HDTV have left a great mark on the TV landscape. Today the most powerful interactive TV platform has arrived at our pockets with so much

Regional growth of IPTV Subscription

Reliance is confident to take over the broadband sector with its Jio GigaFIber operation. Indonesia has also enjoyed substantial IPTV growth. China and India register for over two-third of TV subscribers presently.

According to Digital TV research, pay TV business will have increased to over 1.1 billion by 2023 in total. IPTV platforms will win most of the new subscribers.

The numbers of pay TV subscribers in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East countries is expected to fall drastically over the years.


IPTV providers great opportunities for service providers to broaden their revenue flow and move aggressively into the potentially fruitful broadcast TV and upcoming interactive video outlets. At the same time, the mobilisation and confident progress of IPTV service embody huge challenges in administration of sophisticated multilayer technology to offer a service that has historically been related by customers with high quality and accessibility.

Despite the growing number of IPTV consumers worldwide, the use of data & information that generate subscribers is still underestimated. This statistic data can help collect a lot of beneficial information for exploration & research.

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